Friday, May 30, 2003

Ooh la la?

Hey guys, what do you think of the new look? Good or crap? Be honest.

(And I still wish I could get rid of the purple lines. I'm trying.)

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I sometimes think too much but say nothing at all......

I've found myself addicted to this song the past few days.

In other news, if you guys haven't yet checked out Lark News....holy crap, its great. So go there now. :)

Oh, and if I haven't said so...I can't STAND blogs that use too many pastel colors!!!!! and pictures of flowers!!!!! and psuedo-spelling (gurl, 2cute! etc)!!!! and TOO MANY FREAKING EXCLAIMATION POINTS!!!!!!!

Get me my agent.......

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Its tourist season!

Ah, gotta love it.

Its weird….before now I’ve never lived in a city that’s a big tourist joint. (Closest we got in KC were the japenese tourists taking pictures by the big FAO Schwartz bear at The Plaza….I had to think that someone got ripped off in that one….)

There’s something really exciting…and really kinda sad in tourists. First of all, let me just say…I can now spot an American from 100 paces. I am shocked at how good I’m getting. Today a girl…quite a distance away….was walking towards me, t-shirt and jeans. I could tell. Then I looked at her friends…jeans, sweatshirts, and hair in the “teardrop” ponytails (no one does that here). Man, I’m good!

The exciting part is…its just cool to see someone so excited about your city. Someone who looks at things….the monuments, The Castle, Princes Street, galleries, the palace, the cathedrals….like you looked at them months ago, before you could seen them out your bedroom window. (Not that I don’t still love them. I do. But after a while, it just isn’t the same.) With their disposable cameras, and backpacks, and look of complete wonder, I can help but be a little jealous. After all, I was more or less a full-time tourist for a year and a half, when I was on the Doulos . Though we tried our hardest not to act like tourists, we knew we usually failed.

The sad part is knowing that you won’t really see the same place through their eyes again. Especially the eyes of the kids. Remember what it was like to go on vacation with your parents when you were little? Even the most mundane things seemed so cool. I remember driving to Disney World as a kid…and just being so amazed when we stopped at a Wendy’s in Tennessee….they all sounded funny! They talk differently! “Hey mom! Check out the World’s Biggest Chipmunk! Can we go see?!” (I’ll admit…I will always stop at Osceola Cheese, in Osceola, MO, on the way to Springfield from Kansas City. That place rocks!)

I’ll always love travelling. And I’ll always love Edinburgh. Its just strange…when it becomes home, you know?

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Monday, May 26, 2003

Everybody waits for you now.......

Currently Reading: “Messy Spirituality” by Mike Yaconelli
Currently Listening: “The Beautiful Letdown”, Switchfoot

Howdy my home chickens. Just a few moments to give you a quick update……
I’m still way busy with work and school, as I promised I would be. I have a paper due tomorrow that, er, I really need to start writing (though I’ve done the research on it!)…generally working like a maniac. God’s giving me rest though, and people to encourage me. Today I picked up “Messy Spirituality” and I’m loving it. I spent a lot of time on the bus today, so got a bit of reading done. With the addition of TBL by Switchfoot, its done good for my soul. I HIGHLY recommend that book, from what I’ve already read. And the CD too…though there are some songs I like more than others (This Is Your Life, Dare You To Move, Beautiful Letdown…) They go well together, theme-wise. And its what I’ve really needed.

Thanks for your continued reading, guys, and all your prayers. Please feel free to let me know how you’re doing, and if there’s anything you want me to pray for. You can use comments, or you can email me at

Grace and Peace,

P.S Oh yeah, I finally saw the Matrix Reloaded, too….I’ll have to post about that soon….. ;)

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Now introducing....

The Mullet Family!!!

As my friend Andy says: "The family the perms together, stays together."

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Friday, May 23, 2003

I took off the pics for now because the site was taking forever to load :) Ask me if you REALLY want to see them.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Hungry Like Da Wolf

Sorry I'm way too busy to blog much, I'm takin on extra work with my agency placement, and I'm trying desperately to pass this year of college. You can pray for that. I think I'll be okay, but I tend to be a Worst Case Scenario person. But yeah, it means I'm working my donkey off.

So, just a few thoughts for today:

1) So White Squall is on TV tonite. I'd never seen it. But its got all the hotties of the late 90's: Scott Wolf, Ryan Phillippe, Ethan Embry, and quite a few other guys that I recognize but can't put a name too. Anyway, all these guys are on a ship with Jeff Bridges doing...ship stuff. And you know what? It makes me miss the sea. A lot.
That wasn't something I expected, after leaving the Doulos.

2) I hate worry.

3) I hate how stupid I can be sometimes.

4) I need a lot of sleep. I never get much.

5) Despite making over 30+ flights in my life, I still hate flying.

6) In theory, I hate Starbucks. In reality, I love it.

I know, go ahead and throw stones.

Peace Out,

P.S. I know I still haven't posted those pictures from the Dance Party 2000 the other night. Deal.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Been a while, eh?

Now Playing: Nickel Creek (self-titled)
Now Reading: Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

Yeah, so I haven’t really given you guys much to go on these days.You missed out on a lot, mostly because I’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks. But the people keep asking: “Michaela? Why won’t you blog more?” “Mic, where ya been?” “Mic, how did you get so hot?” “Mic, what’s the square root of 2364?”

And similar-type questions.

Well I don’t know the answer to the LAST two questions, but I do know the first two. Basically, I’ve been partyin hard and working hard. And that takes a lotta time, yo. Let’s see if I can catch you up on the basics:

Chillin Wit Da Homies Numero Uno

So week before last, me and some of Da Crew (me, Paul, Katy, Chris) go to the pub (Drouthy Neebours in Glasgow) after class. Good times. We stayed there for ages, and then Katy announces that she’s gonna take EVERYONE home. Now, back in KC, this may not be that big of a deal. But for us, it is. Paul lives in Ayr, an hour from Glasgow. Chris lives in Larkhall, over an hour from Ayr. I live in Edinburgh, hour-ish from Larkhall. And Katy lives in St. Andrews, over an hour and a half from Edinburgh. To get the idea, let me add that Ayr is on the complete opposite coast from Edinburgh.

So after we realize she was serious, our little road trip started.

First we were off to Paul’s house in Ayr, where we enjoyed loads of tea (heh, party hard), a crap Scottish alien “B” movie, and played a rousing game of….(ready for it?)….BIBLE TRIVIA!!!!! We sucked, considering we’re all Bible College students. Well, except Katy, she kicked ass. And by “ass” you all know I mean “Balaam’s”. Oh that and we all looked thru an anatomy picture book. Paul was disappointed in the lack of dirty pictures. Except of guys. (“I see enough of that!”)

We finally hit the road again after midnight, and headed towards Larkhall, radio blaring. Chris brought us in to check out his house really quick, and so we could both have a bathroom break. As we walk in, I joked about Chris’ flatmate waking up and walking out in his underwear, not thinking girls would be around and….WHAT DO YOU KNOW….yeah, he did. We turned and ran as soon as the door opened, however, so we didn’t see anything. Besides, boxers are just like guys wearing shorts anyway. Doesn’t do much for me. But Katy and I did get a good laugh. I think I must be psychic.

We ended up at my flat in Edinburgh at around 4, so Katy just crashed at mine. Good times.

Chillin Wit Da Homies Numero Dos

Last Tuesday (same day I got the new hole in my ear…thanks to a donation from Chris) , Paul, Katy and I went to Chris’ place in Bishopbriggs. (another Chris. We have 3 Chris’ in a 19 member class. Eesh.) Much fun was to be had, with a massive spaghetti dinner, a few beers, and the essential “Dance Party 2000”, compete with electronic dancing mat. We ended up each taking one of the 4 spots on the pad…which was hilarious since all of us besides Katy (who was driving) had had a few. Don’t worry my friends, we were all good. And I even have some pictures for you…..(which I promise I'll post tommorrow)

Chillin Wit Da Homies Numero Tres

Actually, just one homie, Marian. Last Saturday we had a girlie day, which I needed. We went to watch How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, which I wasn’t too keen on seeing, but ended up REALLY liking. I mean c’mon, I think I’d pay 3 quid to see Matthew McCoughney read out of a PHONE book for crying out loud. And I really like Kate Hudson, she’s my kinda girl., Except skinny. Which is why I have to hate her.
Anyway, I ended up just stayin the night at her place, where we ate chocolate and Pringles and watched half of Picture Perfect (its CRAP, don’t watch it. Ever) and stayed up til 4 (again) talking about guys. Took me right back to jr high. Can’t beat it.

Ecetera, Ecetera, Ecetera….

So classes are over for the year. Which is weird. My first year of college is almost over. I say almost because I still have all my assessments to do. And I start a 5 week agency placement, adding 10 more hours of work onto my current 20. Which means I’m crazy-busy as I said. I’ve seriously slept ALL weekend, because it’s the first chance I’ve had to in a while. The bummer-ness (did I just make up a word?) is that I won’t be seeing much of the college friends for a while, and I’ll be working my hiney off. Fact is…we all live pretty far from each other, and all come into Glasgow for college. So…hm. Yeah. We’ll have to organize a rave or something. Since we’re SO into that stuff. *coughdanceparty2000Bibletrviateacough*

That’s pretty much it. Oh and I busted a rib. But the doc was hot. Crap I didn’t tell you about that, did I? Okay, I’m saving that for tommorrow, because I’m tired.


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Saturday, May 17, 2003

21 years on...I'm still convinced......

Its definitely hip to be square.

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Unnecessary Extra Hole In Michaela's Body, Number 5

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Too often...

Crap. Why do I always screw it up?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Warning: This post could contain material unsuitable for children and small mammals. Parental guidance suggested.

Katy: "So GUESS WHAT?"

Mic: "What?"

Katy: "I've decided I'm not staying here in St. Andrews this summer. I'm turning in my two weeks notice, and instead I'm going to..."

Mic: "Become a stripper?!"

Katy: "Do a short-term missons trip."

Mic: "So, like.....Strippers for Jesus??!!"

Katy: "Yeaaaaaaah. Suuuure."

Mic: "Wow. I figure its Biblical and all. Goes with the whole 'one body, many parts' verse."

"Or something."

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"Michaela's Blog: Sure to offend!"

I think the problem with evangelism these days really just lies in catchy marketing. Boy oh boy are we missing the mark on THAT one. So here's my new genius tag-line proposal:

"Jesus: Kickin' ass and takin names!"

What's that? Jerry Falwell on the phone? He wants to use that? Oh, just take a message....

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Oh come ON!

Way to go Tom. See if I plug YOU on my site again. Nerd.

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What'd I miss?!

Its weird...on those days where you put in a full day at the office...did the grocery shopping......vacuumed....ironed....did the laundry....and then you look at yourself and go...

Crap, when did I grow up?

How could I have missed that?

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Friday, May 09, 2003

In Awe.

[Props to Sco for an amazing photo....]

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I got your "Political Correctness" right here......

Last night, I'm at the chippie (fish and chip shop) and they had one of those little plastic bear containers that you put your change in for charity. Its for "Capability Scotland". Upon further inspection:

"Formerly known as the Scottish Council for Spastics"

Gee, ma. I wonder why they changed their name?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Hey, if you guys haven't signed my GuestMap, I'd love for you to. I'm getting regular hits from all over the place like Denmark and Australia and Hawaii and I don't know who you guys are! Plus, I know there are a lot of new people around. So feel free to say hi, and to make your mark.

Peace, Love and Those Little Plastic Swords In Pina Coladas,

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

Open Letter to All Clergy

When presiding over the communion service, please do not refer to the red stuff as "wine" when it is really just grape juice.

It gets my hopes up.

Yours Truly,
Michaela M. Forbes

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We Ain't Got No Place to Go...Let's Go To The Punk Rawk Show!

(L-R) Chris, John, Paul, Me, Katy...

It has recently occured to me that I haven’t filled you guys in on last Tuesday's crazy action. Now, I realize I could lose some major cool points in the bloggin world for this, but hey, 'tis my life. I make no apologies.

The other week, my friend Paul (upside down, in the blue shirt above) asks if I want to come along to a show at King Tut's, a pretty popular venue in Glasgow.

“Who’s playing?”
“Poison the Well.”

Well, to be honest, I’d never heard of them.

“What are they like?”
“Okay, I’ll go.”
“Sure. Did you ask Katy? We’ve been trying to find a reason to go to King Tut’s….”
So, soon enough, a whole load of us at college who have never heard of this band find ourselves shelving out £8 for them.
And it was daaaaang good fun.

The other week, after camp, my friends and I looked at each other and realized, like it or not, we now have formed a “group”, consisting of myself, Paul, John and Katy. This is by no means exclusive, we usually hang out with other people from our (small) class. But c’mon…there are people you click with. And these are my people. It was encouraging, especially after my “I have no friends” funk the other week. So all of us sign up, along with our friends Chris and Chris, Katy’s friend Catriona, and three of Paul’s friends.

And we had a game plan.

You know, we aren’t really that hardcore.
(Couldn’t have guessed, eh?)
So we decided to play the part for the night.

For a good couple of hours after classes on Tuesday, we dressed up in our hardcore best, complete with black and purple makeup and ballpoint pen and henna tattoos (including, collectively: a giraffe, a robin, a dagger, 2 fish, and many random designs. I did "Poison 'Da Well" on Katy's arm, along with a "poison" bottle. I attempted a well, ended up looking like something that should not be tattooed on an arm. And we ran out of time to do the dead rat instead. Drat.).

We are SO hardcore.
Results are shown above.

It was a flipping amazing night. King Tuts is tiny, which makes it great. As weird as we looked on the street (John: “I’m gonna get my ass kicked before the end of the night, aren’t I?”) We actually fit right in at the show. I’m not really keen on “screamer” bands, but there’s nothing like blowing your eardrums out, overly-“cool” lighting and stage movements and sweat to take you right back to high school, baby.

At the end of the night, Katy and John came to my flat in Edinburgh and we stayed up and talked til 4:30am…

Its times like these I know I’ll miss when I’m old, married, and popping out babies.

I’m so hardcore.

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Marry Me.

Now girls...I ask you: Is there ANYTHING cuter than a really hot guy who is great with kids? Especially little girls....I think I've seen more hot dads/uncles/big brothers this month than in my entire life. One of them picking his girl up and swingin her around, making her fly....another playing catch in the park.....another picking flowers with her......

Insert audible sigh here.

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Friday, May 02, 2003

The new haircut.

Its not as lesbian-esque as originally thought. I'm actually thinking I might like it.

My friend Dave says:

" you say?...rachel leigh cook in josie and the pussycats"

I'm okay with that.

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1.) Most flats/apartments full of guys (or, 3 guys and one girl, as in my case) use those little colored magnetic letters on the fridge to write things like: "Beer." or "We like boobies" or "More beer". Not mine. Instead, thanks to one of my flatmates (I don't know who, but I have my suspicions...), ours currently reads:

"Eva Peron."


(Note: Its 10:30 on a Friday....two of the three are already in bed. Eeeesh.)

2.) Today I'm in line at the bank (wow, don't I sound grown up?!) watching the most beautiful little girl. She was beautiful, but a little hyper, running amok while her mom argued something at the teller window. Suddenly, the girl stops, looks at the teenage girl in front of me, intently for a moment, before lifting up her sweater halfway to point to it and announce: "BELLY!!!!!!!!!"

How great is that? I wanna be three years old again.

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Me: "Is this haircut going to make me look like a lesbian?"

My curiously straight male hairdresser: "Naw."

The end: LYING JERKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(okay, its not THAT bad.......)

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Thursday, May 01, 2003


"I could fancy you. I could totally fancy you."

(For non-Brits, "fancy" is a better, and more precise way of saying "LIKE like".)

So the question remains.


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"In the city you will find that the poor and the broken are often much, much more open to the idea of Gospel grace and much more dedicated to its practical outworkings than you are." (Tim Keller)

"Always On Your Side" by Sheryl Crow