Friday, January 31, 2003

"I believe people should stop saying,
'that rocks,' about things that absolutely
do not rock."
-Jim Walsh, Music Critic - Minneapolis

Skipping Class.

I didn’t go to college today. I meant to, really, had every intention of. But I couldn’t get ahold of my ride and I couldn’t pay for the train or bus because I was supposed to get paid and didn’t which means I have £1.33 in my bank account and I overslept anyway so I figured that God simply did not want me to go to college.

It’s a shame, because I actually really like my Christian Beliefs class. But who’s to argue with God? Not me.

Instead I slept til 1:30pm (so…I slept 11 hours, give or take a few times waking up). Then I got up, opened the windows to find an amazing blue sky and actual, real, non-made-up sun, which is just shocking, here in Scotland.
My hair looked like….well I’m not sure I could even describe it. When my hair was long, I’d need to sleep on it wet so that it would have a bit of “umph” when I woke up. But now if I do that, that “umph” just turns into “holycrapmichaelawhatlandedonyourhead”. So I dunked it and dried it again, this time without the holycrapmichaelawhatjustlandedonyourhead and only leaving some umph.
I took my time getting ready, burning daylight, but it didn’t really matter because I have big enough windows to enjoy it…and in the warmth. Sun really goes better with warmth instead of freezing-arse-cold. And coffee.

So I threw my journal and my book (AHWOSG still) in my bag, and walked down the street to Café Artista. It’s a daily struggle: Café Artista VS Kaffe Politik. Café Artista is cheaper and more “homey” (as in, like home, not like “Whaaaazup homey?”) and smells more of strong Italian food than coffee. Politik is black and white and snazzy and posh and more expensive…but its got comfier seats. The seats in Artista should never have been invented, let alone used in a small, nice, Italian café. But, if its before 6pm (Artista closes at 6, Politik at 10), Artista always wins because I’m broke. (Or, I think its more that I love playing the part of poor college student/ starving artist writer.)

I stop by the bank first, to try and figure out why I didn’t get my paycheck in yesterday and to make a deposit. The answer: “We don’t know.” Before I leave, I nearly burst into laughter, when the bank teller, no doubt seeing that I do indeed have £1.33 in my bank account (and that, the week before my LAST paycheck, that was the exact amount I had left in there) says: “Are you interested in a credit card?” In other words: “You spend your money SO well, we’d love to suck you even DRIER! How about spending money you don’t even have so that you can be massively in debt and the Big Men In Suits can sit around large board rooms laughing at stupid college students like yourself who are filling their pockets?” I tell her I didn’t think I could get one because I just moved here, blah blah (actually, true). She says no, I’d just need to add my old address in the States…more blah blah. So I kindly take a brochure and now really need to throw it out before I actually DO apply.

So I finally make it to Artista. The girls there know me, which means I get a “familiar smile” which is nice, because it makes it feel more like home. (Actually, the first question the girl asked was “Are you ok?”…which I later attribute to my messy hair and ferklemptness because its so darn windy and cold out.) I order a coffee as usual and sit in the corner-always the corner-in the Extremely Uncomfortable Chair. I read, but while I read, I keep thinking about so much that I needed to write it down. So I use a napkin, both because the pen I was using (gel, blue) was perfect for writing on a napkin, but probably more because I’ve fallen prey to the hype that True Writers use napkins when inspiration strikes. Yes, I had my journal paper, but that’s just no good. I decide that people will admire the napkin-writing. (“She’s writing on a napkin…do people actually do that? Thought that was just in movies….”)
I read in the book…the guy says that he looks out the window to the old folks retirement home across the street and sees a lady watering her plants. This sets my mind in motion…..

Who am I gonna be when I’m old…besides old? Why is it that so many old people just seem OLD, so that they aren’t people anymore? Its like babies….maybe it’s the “Circle of Life” thing (insert crappy Elton John song from good Disney movie here)…Babies are just babies, they aren’t really much else, old people are just old people. Neither can control bowel movements.

Except we know better….if they are OUR babies or OUR old people. But otherwise, we don’t really see them as indiviuals so much. At least, not like younger people…students, kids, middle-agers, etc. But it brings back the question…who am I gonna be when I’m old?

I wanna be the coolest granny on the block. When I tell people I want a tattoo, the inevitable question is: “What about when you’re like, 80?” (It’s always 80, not 70, not 90, not 58.) The answer: “What if YOUR grandma had a tattoo? How cool would THAT be?” “Except it would be all wrinkly and shit.” “Who cares? Who’s looking? Its not like I’m gonna be one of those Old Lady Strippers on Jerry Springer....”

Around the same time (80) I’m also gonna shave my head, because its on the 11-Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die List (the others you will find out…the only other one I’ll give away now being : 7) To be a cartoon character voice. Maybe I should wait for the cartoon version of The Matrix to come out….) and I figure no one will care when I'm that old...that or they'll think its cancer, which is may well be by then.

Speaking of wrinkles, I’m working hard to be the WRINKLIEST granny on the block, too. Because I love 'em. Screw plastic surgery, I want wrinkles. Why? Because wrinkles mean smiles, lots of them. I want wrinkles so deep that a million laughs have been hidden and kept and stored in each one, making them deeper, like the Colorado in the Grand Canyon.

That’s another thing….whenever I see a couple…not just old couples, any couples, I think: How much do they laugh together? Do they still laugh together? Did they ever?

I was talking to Meg today, and I asked her if its ok to laugh at your own jokes….she said yes…and I said I can’t wait to be married, because that person will think I’m freakin hilarious, and I’ll think he’s even funnier, and we can laugh – big, deep, gut laughs – til we croak.

All this time, Bob Marley played in the background…No Woman, No Cry…Buffalo Soldier….One Love….Get Up, Stand Up…and my coffee got cold….I scribbled all these things and more on my napkin, revelling in the “insane writer” look I tell myself I’ve got goin on….

Some guy walked in who was the absolute 100% stereotypical “Frenchman playboy”, except that, given the accent, he was actually English. He had the long hair pulled back into the ponytail and everything. He smiled at girls too much. He read the paper while waiting for his panini sandwich, and acutally laughed out loud once. (What is that? One only laughs out loud in public places while by themselves to get ATTENTION. We all know this.) I read more of my book in my EUC….

I read about the guy going to visit a friend in the hospital, who's been in a really bad accident. Has anyone else had the “Friends Visiting Me In The Hospital” fantasy, or is it just me? I’ve always wanted to have some big serious thing happen to me – percived to be life-threatening, but, of course, I’d like to NOT die – just to see who would actually come visit. I’d want to be comatose…but that comatose that means everyone talks to you and tells you all the things they’ve wanted to tell you but were too scared too…but you can hear them all.
Who would come? Old friends? Ex-boyfriends? Ex-friends, for that matter? Future (hopefully?) boyfriends that I don't even know about? Relatives? Which ones? If all this were to happen in Scotland, who would come from America? If I were in the States…who would come from Scotland? Or elsewhere (got loads of friends all over the world I suppose)?

Its incredibly selfish, this fantasy, I realize this. But you can’t tell me you haven’t thought of it before.

I wrote more on the napkin. I wrote about the worried lady next to me and the young guys in suits, who seem to want to give the impression of “power lunch”! without actually having power, nor lunch, and their loud talk about holidays in Spain (not in reference to the Counting Crows song) and the annoying one asking where his damn sausage roll is, and how any food, if its shit, could be drowned in ketchup and it would be fine. I wrote about the twins, the kids of the Italian guy who owns the place, who sit next to me and read the books left out for them and the ice cream the get given (eating that, obviously…not reading it). I write about seeing people and wondering how they see me, and how even my friends percieve me. I write about photographs and old movies.

All this is to say that I either write too much or think too much, probably both.

But I’m afraid this post is probably too long to contain all that, so….you’ll just have to do without…..


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Thursday, January 30, 2003

On the same day (today) that I realize that my Least Favorite Holiday is quickly approaching, I get somehow linked to a quiz that tells me....
That's right boys, get in line, start fighting over me now. This is what the "results" say:
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're the kind of chick that can hang out with your boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't care about presents or about going to fancy placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy being around your boyfriend.
I didn't cheat, by the way.

Snippets of Michaela at the Mo:

Listening to: Patty Griffin, 10 Things I Hate About You Sdtk, Kate Rusby, my rock mix tape
Reading: "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius", by Dave Eggers (still...its so good, I really don't want to finish it...does that makes sense?) and "Miss Wyoming" by Douglas Coupland
Wanting: "You Shall Know Our Velocity" by Dave Eggers (only available thru, so if someone wants to make me happy...), money, sleep
Needing:money, sleep, deoderant, money to get to Glasgow for college tommorrow (still not sure how that's gonna happen)
Feeling: kinda sick, actually
Eating: Spagetti-Os, a tortilla
Drinking: tea
Wishing: lots of things.....

Song lines in my head:
"May you dream you are dreaming....." Patty Griffin
"I'm surprised that you've never been told before...that your lovely, and your perfect, and that somebody wants you..." Semisonic
"And all at once you look across a crowded see the way that light attaches to a girl..." Counting Crows
"I've never been good with my thoughts, and even worse with my words, but you read like familiar poetry that I have never heard..." Sandra McCracken
"Now don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got til its gone?" Joni Mitchell
"Goodnight all you moonlight ladies...rockabye sweet baby James...deep greens and blues are the colors I choose...." James Taylor
"She woke in the morning....she knew that her life had passed her by.....she called out a warning...don't ever let life pass you by...." Incubus
"Come in, she said, I'll give ya, shelter from the storm...." Bob Dylan
"That was the river.....this is the sea....." Counting Crows

Cool bit of the day: I scored 4 books (Grapes of Wrath, Notes from a Small Island, and both volumes of War and Peace) at the Comm Ed center for 30p each. Not that I'll ever read them, but I'm thinking they'll look great on my shelf.

Counting light sockets....

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

OK, first thing: Weird people. Do they know they’re weird? If so, why don’t they do something about it? Do they like being weird? Now, I know that weird is a relative term. But me and Lydia (one of my flatmates) were discussing this yesterday. I mean, I’ve certainly known (or, know) people who are weird, but could very easily NOT be weird, if they actually put some effort into it. Like, I dunno, bathing. The Brushing Of The Teeth. Losing the day-glo shell suit.

I suppose maybe it is that people just don’t know if they are weird. I, for instance, cannot decide if I’m weird, and I’ve had this problem for ages (maybe that makes me weird…). When it comes to getting a guy (this isn’t a plea, simply a fact) I tend to flip back and forth between feeling WAY too weird for anyone to want to sneeze next to, let alone date or marry. And the next minute I’m feeling WAY too normal….about as interesting as a rock. (I think Alanis Morisette wrote a song like that on her last album….but more people look at this blog than bought her last album anyway…..)
Comments are useful for these types of things. (Though, I’m a bit scared of what some of you might say.

True story: It took me YEARS (til like 2 years ago) to realize that, in all the intros to all those R&B songs they area actually saying “Dark child, na na….” Instead of “Dog Chow, na na”. Pretty much all through high school I could never understand the african-american facination with dog food.

Another true story: Today at the college, Neil, my course leader was talking to me…”I was concerned for you, and the rest of the Americans, today…pastorally….”
“Pastorally? Right, explain, Neil….”
“Well, I was listening to the radio today, and apparently its National Faggot Week in the UK.”
“Yeah, see I thought it might upset you all….”
Now, I’ve just BARLEY gotten used to hearing them all call cigarettes “fags”, but this is ridiculous. Neil went on to say that that word is an old world for meatballs here. WHAT? That’s just wrong.

I few days ago I submitted my site to “Blogs4God”, a search engine and site for Christian blogs. I’m sure that if the “Kickin Ass For Christ” didn’t get me put on the bad list, I’m sure that one will. I’d like to point out that I GO TO A BIBLE COLLEGE!!! Neil is the course leader at a BIBLE COLLEGE! HE SAID IT I DIDN’T!

Now that I’ve cleared my conscience…..

Interlude: My friend Paul recently said that my voice sounds like Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) from The Matrix.
I assume he's being truthful, since he doesn't fancy me and I don't owe him money. No one has ever said that before though. But I'll go ahead and take that as a compliment.

Yet Another True Story: My mom and I spent quite a long time talking about smoking pot last night, which I found hilarious. Apparently, our female family pot usage relates inversely according to our ages….I’ve never smoked weed, my mom only once in high school (“I hated it, I was so paranoid…”) and my GRANDMA beats all of us (she um, did a lot. Really.). So, according to the pattern, my great-grandmother was probably a huge pot-head, or else a hard core drug lord.

(Please Lord, don’t ever let my grandmother read this Blog.)

Things I like at the moment:
-Special K cereal with Red Berries. (ONLY without milk!) Amazing.
-Paper wad fights
-“Rain” by Patty Griffin (props to Matt....not Brandon, as previously stated...though he's cool too!)
-Nice text messages from good friends who actually want (and ask) to see you
-Randy, my multi-colored dinosaur (Thank you Andy...look, you got a shout out today!)
-“Shelter From The Storm” by Bob Dylan

One thing I can’t decide if I like:
-Songs that take you back to a certain place or a certain person. Depends, eh?

Props to my home dawgs…
Peace Out,

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Monday, January 27, 2003

Today’s Sign I Am Slowly Becoming A Democrat:

I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Me and the flatmates share some things (tea, coffee, milk, t.p) and put them on a list so we split it later. I noticed that one of my flatmates (I assume Neil) bought Safeway brand tea bags. My ACTUAL thoughts: gasp! “He didn’t buy FAIR TRADE TEA!!!!!” I then realized that as a good republican, I would have never even thought of this. Hm.

Not that I’m a democrat quite yet. I’m still hanging on with white knuckles. But I think democrats can be nice people. I even thinks you can be a Democrat and a *double gasp!* Christian! But I’m still working on that one.

I’m also realizing that I’m becoming a total Blog dork. This happens when you find cool people’s blogs and they link to OTHER people’s cool blogs…and so on and so on. I told Meg that we are dorks (partially exemplified in that we only started talking because of our blogs…). She went on to say something or rather about multi-tasking and finding out about each others lives so that we could better relate…or something. It sounded REALLY good but I deleted it. I think she may actually BE the boss from Dilbert.

Speaking of other people’s blogs….I found some REALLY sweet ones I wanna tell you fine folk about. (So you TOO can all be Blog Dorks! Muah ha ha!!!!) Actually, first I’d like to say that I found the worlds most BORING blog today too, but you’ll have to find that one yourself. But anyway on to the good ones:

Meg linked me to this guy: Anyone who shares my loves of Counting Crows, U2, good books (“A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers…if you haven’t read it you must be insane), High Fidelity, The Shawshank Redemption, writing as passion, etc, etc….well he must be ok. The weird bit is that he works as “Web Content Manager” for Paste, the website I was just raving about on here a few days ago. Hm. It’s a small web world. I figure I met befriend/kiss ass in order to score sweet cds. Check out his writing on “’Good’ Christians”, linked on the left of the page. And his Big Red/Bowel Miscarriage story. Not for the faint of stomach (or bowels) but darn funny.

From one of Jason’s many sites, I found Sarah’s: She writes things I wish I wrote, dammit, therefore I hate/love her and I’ve never even met her. For example:

"Do you realize at this very moment, people are falling in love? People all over the world are looking into each other's eyes, are holding hands and feelings pulses, they are dancing in parking lots and watching each other when they think no one is looking, they are snapping pictures and wetting lips and singing loudly to each other at karaoke bars. People are spending time together, making plans, thinking to themselves I could spend the rest of my life with this I want to? Girls are giggling with each other on double dates, fathers are prepping their sons for the big dance, mothers are watching longingly as children walk down the sidewalk, into the car, drive away into love. The love everyone is falling into is so much fun, it fills the heart with so much hope for a future, the body tingles with a simple touch and the mind races over a simple sentence. What do you want to do? It really means I care so much about you, I want to please you so much, I want to be near you and listen to you and go where ever you want to go.

And somewhere there is some dimly-lit coffeeshop bedecked with fancy pieces of canvas no one has the heart or the cash to buy, and somewhere in that coffeeshop is some grad student working on an impossible thesis and probably, hypothetically, maybe it's about the presence of religion, ideology and power in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, or something comparable and he's drudging through, he's wearing a sweater and Camper shoes, and he's thinking about his last girlfriend, that she said he never had time for her, and he's wondering why he chose grad school over love.



I wish I’d written that.

And, for shock and offense value, be sure and check out: and If you are like me, you’ll think they are hilarious. If you are not….well please don’t set my flat block on fire.


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Actual conversation between me and Meg:

meg : a lot of people think christians are "boring"..usually cause of the type mentioned above (really conservative, and concerned more about "following all the rules" than about truly seeking for a deeper walk with God.)
michaela : No tattoos, no piercings, no music "with a beat", no "secular" music, no this or that or whatever
michaela : I know, they give the rest of us a bad name!
meg : they sure do!
meg : lets kick their asses!
michaela : Yeah! Ass-kicking Christians, we are!
meg : our new slogan can be: "kicking asses for Christ!"

And THAT my friends is why I think Meg is hilarious. We decided to make t-shirts to sell in order to fund her trip to New Zealand: “Kickin Ass For Christ!”
(Send all orders to Michaela Forbes, 2F2 Spottiswoode St, Edinburgh, EH9 1BZ, $20, or £15….)
I’m SURE I just offended some people there. Oh dear. Ah well, never stopped me before….

And now for an episode of:

Ok, so not too long ago, I decide I’m hungry. The decision is toast with butter and Vegemite and hot chocolate.
Now, I must tell you all about my toaster.
Its whacked.
Its so slow, that its usually faster if I just wait for global warming to heat up the bread. But SOMETIMES the Little Men With Flamethowers secretly sneak in and light my bread on fire and then run. But I’ve learned that if the dial is set exactly at 4.5, then I’m fine.
So I go to the potty room while the toaster is doin its thang, and come back and its smellin funky. Dang. It was burnt….but not too bad. But not edible. So I throw it away, and put a new one in.
Now, when you have already burnt one set, you (well, me) get all paranoid, and start checking it every 10 seconds, guarding the door and the windows for the LMWFs. Well, of course, I forget that when you pop it up, it starts the 4.5 level process ALL OVER AGAIN. At the same time I’m juggling heating up milk for my hot choc (PET PEEVE of this flat is that there is NO FARGIN MICROWAVE!!! Hello, we are in the 21st century, folks….) and trying to taste my flatmates liquour before she leaves (just tasting…the blue stuff was exactly like nasty cough syrup, the melon stuff was yum yum….) and then….HOLY FREAKING MONKEY NUTS, smoke all over the place. I didn’t see that much smoke coming out of a fire, seriously. I’m REALLY lucky that I’ve already set off our smoke alarm once (*sigh*) and had to take it down to stop it, because it was 2am. I FREAK out, throw the toast (not on fire, just charred to black) in the sink. It was soo smoky. I turn on the itsy bitsy window fan, hoping to suck it out….and start waving around my December copy of Empire Magazine in order to dispel the smoke.
Its around this point I realize how hilarious I must look. Luckily, like I said, its 2am, and it’s pretty far away out our kitchen window til another one, so it’s a far view. But I was crackin myself….anyone looking mustve thought I was sending smoke and incense sacrifice to the gods of the kitchen.
So, third time’s a charm, and I finally got my toast and hot chocolate.

Ok, so that’s me for tonite. I’ll write more tommorrow….


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Saturday, January 25, 2003

OK. This is gonna be long, because, well, its my Blog, dangit, and I can do whatever I want! Muuuah ha ha!

First things first…you know when you get really excited and then really bummed out about 2 seconds later? Yeah, that’s me. I was reading NME just now, and read that Lifehouse is playing in Glasgow at King Tuts. This is HUGE, not only because Lifehouse is amazing, but also because me and my friend Katy have been talking about going to King Tut’s. So I was all excited about it for about…oh, 3 minutes. Til I realized that I’m gonna be doing a SU camp that whole week. BIG FAT FLAMING MONKEY TAILS! I’m not happy. Last time they played Kansas City, I was in the Maldives. (Not the I’m complaining. I think I’d have chosen the Maldives anyway….but STILL!)

But, I suppose the positive thing about it is….I’m saving money. I’ve seen both Counting Crows (whew! At least I didn’t miss that one…) and David Gray recently, so I can’t complain. That’s the great thing about living in Edinburgh…almost all bands come to play either here or Glasgow.

I was thinkin today, how fantastic it is to live here. I had to walk to my line managers office today, which meant walking thru Bruntsfield Links. It was a really warm day for January…I’m pretty sure it was warmer here than it was in Florida today, which isn’t bad for a city on the same latitude as Moscow. So the Links and the Meadows were full of people….runners, people throwing sticks for their dogs to run after, guys playing football (or soccer, to you fine Americans), people watchers. One of the only good things about our abundance of rain is REALLY green grass. And you could smell it….I didn’t think you could smell grass in January. On my way back, I wished there were more hours of light, so that I could come back with a book. If tomorrow is as nice, I might try.

But really….Edinburgh is just so cool. And no, for those of you who have seen Trainspotting, its NOT the heroin capital of the world. (Well I dunno, it might well be…who’d thing that Independence, Missouri would be the meth lab capital of the world? Well, ok, don’t answer that….) And I’m maybe not the best person to ask because I live in a really great part of the city, too. But from MY end, its just stunning. I walked down my street today and, since there are still quite a number of coal-run fireplaces, could faintly smell the coal. The buildings are amazing. One picture that will always remain in my head was a sunny day after a rain, walking down the Royal Mile, not long after I got here. Seems everyone leaves their windows open…which makes observation all the more interesting. Its great fun to ride the bus to Penicuik from Princes Street, sitting on the top level of the bus, looking in all the windows above the shops. Most of the really old, grubby-looking ones (on the outside) have been totally refitted and posh on the inside. You see posters, pictures, lives. I’ve yet to see any nekkid people, that would be scary. There is a couple that lives on the bottom floor of the block of flats across the street from me. Since I’m on the 3rd floor (though, I know my address says 2F…they don’t count the bottom level flats), and their living room is well lighted, it makes for interesting viewing. They are either unmarried or newly married I’d say, according to their lack of décor and sparse furniture. But their windows are always open…I should name them, in order to let you know how they are. Let’s call them the….Jones’. That’s nice and generic. If anyone has any better suggestions, let me know (start using those COMMENTS things at the bottom of my posts, dangit!  ).

Speaking of lack of décor and sparse furniture, I LOVE MY FLAT! Well, ok, I love my room in my flat. The rest of it is ok. I don’t spend much time elsewhere, because that means being sociable, if my flatmates are here. And that usually means listening to their crappy music, and I don’t think I could handle that.
But anyway, back to my ROOM!

I’ve decided that its groovy because its exactly what a person’s first flat SHOULD be like. I’m using a box for a bed side table at the moment. I nearly bought one at a charity shop for £4, but…why, when you can use a perfectly good cardboard box? (I actually plan to decorate it one of these days.) I have ugly-ass green ceiling to floor (and that’s big since I have about….probably 12+ foot ceilings) curtains for my big bay windows (can’t wait for summer to open up those puppies). These curtains, when they are pulled back, are gathered by rolled up dish-towels (brand new idea I had today! I’m so smart!). I have a couch that is straight out of 1988, when that Egyptian-style pattern in dark colors was cool. Its covered with a blue throw, but it doesn’t quite cover it all. And you can’t sit on it too long, or it’ll sag. The carpet is brown, and not without stains, with a pink, blue, and white rug in front of my gas fireplace (my room used to be the living room, so its HUGE, its fab). My armchair is covered with a blue blanket and a wrap I was given in Tanzania, but upon closer examination, you’ll find that the bottom cushion is actually a cut piece of foam. (Its comfy, though!) My friend Julia gave me a long piece of fabric for me to use as a curtain on the Doulos…this is now acting to cover the top of my chest of drawers. My walk-in closet is painted baby-crap green with brown linoleum and white shelves. And my wallpaper is a faint lilac, with that big flower/diamond pattern that does your head in if you stare at it too much. My posters of Ernie (and Rubber Duckie!), Counting Crows, art of Julia and other friends, and pictures of friends and travels adorn my walls and doors. After Christmas, I decided to keep the string of white lights on my mantle, along with Kermit and several candles and pictures. Above the mantle is my “famous” 1933 Washington licence plate frame, with a pic from the trip to Australia in it. AND to top it all off, my Line Manager hooked me up with two (very nice!) black square tables to use as desks, going on opposite sides of the bay window.

SO that’s that. I dunno why I told you that. There are a few more things in here…bed, built-in bookshelf and the like…but they are all normal. Its SO GREAT!!!! My supervisor asked if I still wanted to get a big area rug and well…not really. I like my brown with the touch of pink and blue and white!

So, to sum all that up, I’m really thankful for where I’m living and my flat.
And, all that should make you ALL want to come see me, since NONE of you have (except my stalker, whom I hire from the My Personal Stalker company, just for when I need that extra self-esteem boost. His name is Pete, he’s a really nice guy….).

Here’s what I don’t get. How on earth does fame make everyone instantly attractive? Take, for example, Drew Barrymore. I have nothing against her. I don’t thing she could act her way out of a paper bag, but other than that, she’s ok. But she’s dating Fabrizio Moretti, who is pretty hot. And she’s…well, OK, she doesn’t look like she’s been hit by a truck, but she’s not really pretty. Now, this is when you all start sending me comments, about the fact that its “all on the inside” and all that crap. But this is NOT THE POINT! I’m talking pure-dee-hotness right now. Take a look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. There is just something wrong here.
Course, I suppose I need to start praying for fame so I can score a hot dude…..

I found that girls’ music! Remember the girl, Kate something from when I was in Borders on Tuesday? Well, thanks to, I ran across, and found a good chunk of her music, several free songs to DL. Her name is Kate Rusby. I’ve only finished a couple now, but “Sho Heen” is amazing, soooo beautiful. Its like…wedding service material. Or something from Braveheart. She’s generally Americana/folk (though she’s actually English, from Yorkshire…they call her “New Traditional” apparently), so not all of you will like her, I’ll warn you now.(Note: I wouldn’t recommend Hunting the Hare except for the instrumental bit at the end…) BUT, check out Paste anyway, because they have some really great music there, including stuff by Over the Rhine, Pedro the Lion, Cowboy Junkies, Justin McRoberts, Patty Griffin, Waterdeep (yay!), The Innocence Mission, Starflyer59, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, Wilco, Ticklepenny Corner, and, oh yes, the all time favorite: various artists! (If I ever have a band, I’m either naming it that…or TBA….) Loads of others, too, from the US and the UK, Christian and not Christian.

One more thing…you can pray for a friend of mine tonite, John. He’s taking a kid he’s been working with to an outreach tonite, and he’s really praying for God to touch him. And you can pray for my Dad, because he needs it. And you can pray for Moe, because she’s in Hong Kong and could use a friend. And you can pray for Stuart, because he needs it. And you can pray for Thomas and the rest of the cast and crew floating on my old home, the Doulos. And you can pray for Booker, because he’s great. And Mom, because she’s even greater. (Sorry Booker.)


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Friday, January 24, 2003

OK, I fixed the Waterdeep link, so be sure and pop over there cuz they freakin rock my face off. But what I'm REALLY excited about is that Milk Money Promos did a great media player for them, which means I can listen to songs off Don's two new albums, Whole 'Nother Deal and What You Don't Know, which is FREAKIN AWESOME because I can't get them over here! They don't have whole songs, but there are good sized clips (unlike Grassroots Music) so you actually know more of the song than the intro. If you haven't heard Waterdeep, they are kinda folk/funk/rock, I guess. And they have amazing lyrics (I'm big on lyrics). So click HERE now to go listen!
More later....

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Thursday, January 23, 2003

You can have my heart, if you don't mind broken things
You can have my life, if you don't mind these tears
Cause I heard that you make old things new
So I give these pieces all to you
If you want it you can have my heart.

(Chorus of "Broken Things" by Julie Miller)

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Well, my day started CRAPPY!
I walk to block over to where I meet the guys that pick me up to take me to Glasgow for college. I wait for a while, then text them to find out where they were. I get the response: Um, we are almost on the motorway, beacuse we didn't hear from you so we thought you weren't coming.
This has NEVER been the rules! Mark always seems to text me the night before (I've never texted him first), and, of course since I don't have a car, yes, I always need a ride. He didn't text me last night, so I assume he was just saving 10p on a text, because I knew he had to go in anyway. FRICK! Argh, I was so mad. I was walking to the bus stop cursing under my breath, which, luckily, my very Bretheren flatmate didn't hear as he walked past me. I took out £10, my last £10 in the bank til next week when I get paid. I'd forgotten that peak fares are double for trains and I had to pay flippin £7. And then the rest went to lunch. After college, I go to the guys expecting a ride back, and JUST THEN (I'd seen them several times in the day, mind you) was I informed that they weren't going back to Edinburgh til midnight. GRRR! So I had no money for train fare. Luckily, Colin gave me one of his bus tickets.
Anyway. That kinda sucked. It wasn't all bad was a good morning to take the train. Its just that its like the 3rd time I've been stranded in Edinburgh by these guys, so I wasn't happy.

And, actually, I had a really good day in classes, even though the double-whammy of Christian Beliefs and Sociology does my head in (could partially account for my current headache). I was really thankful to be at the college, considering I almost just skipped going in altogether I was so frustrated.

Um....I know I had loads more to say on here, but its just not coming to mind right now. I'm REALLY tired, I think I'm gonna make it an early night beacause I've plenty of work to do tommorrow.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Hey boys and girls. Well, I'm well cheesed off becuase I just wrote a big blog and it got erased. GRR! I don't feel to snazzy tonite (thinkin that sandwich I had might not like being digested), so this is gonna be abnormaly short. Blllah. Not a great day (though not terrible), just a BLLAAAAH day. Still only 3 kids at the drama workshop, and we really need 6 next week to keep it going. And the kids there are SO great I'd love for it to continue. So you can pray for that.

The good news is that my friend Matt sent me 4 songs off Sandra McCracken's Gypsy Flat Road CD. She's so amazing. She does this song called Springtime Indiana that is brilliant. Its a love make you (or, I guess me) wish that you had someone to sing it too, but its not soppy, so it doesn't make you depressed if you don't. Prob just made me...hopeful for thing that are (hopefully) to come at some point. I'm working on putting Springtime up on the Blog so you guys can hear it. But trust me....just go out and buy her album. And while you're there, get one for me cuz you can't get it in Scotland. Dangit.

Crap, why do my flatmates have to listen to such AWFUL TERRIBLE MUSIC?!!!!!!! IN THE LIVING ROOOM?! Maybe one day I'll have to send in my pet alligator to eat all their music. And maybe them.

OK, I've got too much to do tonite....things to read for classes....dinner...and a really hot bath. That sounds good tonite.
Hm, sorry I'm not more entertaining today.


P.S. This post was brought to you today by VEGEMITE, Australia's favorite crude oil derivative, and my favorite breakfast substance.

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I'm writing this on the train between Glasgow and Edinburgh. (Well, of course, I don't have my computer with me now, but I'll type it up later....obviously, since....well, never mind...). Despite only 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I've managed to have a really amazing day. I had classes at the college - Old Testament and Community Research. I really enjoy our OT class...I've always wanted to get into the OT, but have never been much of a "story" reader, until recently. Its only really been in the last year that I've discovered some excellent fiction. Not that the OT is fiction, obviously, but lots of it is written in story style....I preferred the letters of Paul or the poetry of the Psalms. But our lecturer (or, prof, for all you Americans) is really cool, and he makes for a good class. (Side note: We've decided that Tedis Mr. EveryProf. He's exactly what you imagined your college lecturers would be like when you were a kid....right down to the crazy hair and sweat stains...he's so funny, we love him). CR was boring as usual, except for a game of Sticky Tags (I won!). Combine that with the flip cartoons of my friend Paul (spider gets stepped on, spider goes to heaven....), and it made for about 4 minutes worth of excitement in a 2 1/2 hour class.


I just love seeing my friends at the college. I know I've sung their praises before but I'll do it again. I just always feel so blessed when I go, no matter how life is going or how my week has been. There are maybe....1...2.....3....4...5...6.....7....8....-ish people that I've known that I could say I could really laugh with--I mean those deep-gut, belly laughs you share with people who actually share your sense of humour. And several of those people go to my college. How great is that? After classes, me and my friends Paul and Chris and Katy went to the pub for dinner with plans to catch a flick later. Infourtunately we ended up not having time for the movie but we had a good laugh (and good, cheap food!) anyway, which was much needed. I don't really get that in Edinburgh because I don't know many people yet....all my closest friends are scattered across Scotland (or, the world, really...).
So, Chris left us after the eats, and the 3 of us left end up just wandering around Glasgow a bit. After Katy and Paul left, I decided to go to Borders Books for a bit, just to chill.

I have a bizarre obsession with bookstores. Old, new, big, small, whatever. I love the smell, I love being surrounded by books. But I'm especially attracted to the big ones....Borders, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble. I think its because they feel like home. B&N and I go way back...when the Independence Center one opened next to the "20", it was the BIG thing. When you went to the movies with your friends, you walked over to B&N to wait til your movie started....usually getting a cup of coffee at the Starbucks inside.

So that's where it all started. I've found them as safe havens of a sort in a way. I remember finding one on Orchard Road in Singapore. If you've ever been there you know that its a crazy place...But Borders, even busy as it was....seemed so familiar. It was a bit of peace in a crazy city....
It was the same for me last summer. It was a really difficult time...I really wanted to enjoy and appreicate being home in KC, and I tried, but it was hard. More often than not, on weekends and after work, I'd go and sit in the cafe and write, sometimes read.

So tonite I go to Borders, gather some books and get a cuppa coffee, sit in Starbucks (too busy, but it was ok)....and I quickly realized that I was BURSTING with scattered brain droppings that I needed to write down. The worst thing is that I NEVER have my journal at these times. I carry my journal nearly everywhere....mobility is essential in size choice of a Michaela Journal! But sometimes I'm a numpty and I forget and, inevitably, these are the times I end up most wanting to write. Its a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

I think I have a serious writing addiction....I may have to go to a support group...or write a 12 step program to combat writing, wait, that doesn't work out....

In Borders, some girl's cd was playing over the was the kinda music that just made me want to write. I found out her name (I'd never heard of her), Kate someone, last name starts with an R, but I've forgotten it. I'll search for it. Anyway...there are several musicians that have the same effect on me. Gemma Hayes is one of them.....Sandra McCracken...Bob Dylan...Rich Mullins....Counting Crows....James Taylor....They all make me want to write. (Except "Shower the People", I hate that song.)
Anyway, so this Kate chick, her voice reminded me of the remake of Leaving On A Jet Plane....a song that I love.

And so, I left Borders, walked through the streets past the Gallery of Modern Art, singing it out loud.(Well...granted, no one was nearby...) And I was happy. I remembered that it wasn't too long ago that I found it hard to imagine being genuinely happy with life, beacuse the pain was just too intense. But today...actually, almost all days lately...I've been really happy (though tommorrow it could all change!). I was just so happy to be with friends today, and then happy to be alone, happy to be singing, to even have to abliity to, and to walk down the streets of Scotland.

Train is almost to Waverly Station, I'd better wrap.

Thanks for listening.


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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

"Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion."
--Alice Cooper
The London Sunday Times
So, a bunch of us youth min students were talking here at college today, and my friend Burt says this is how he's gonna propose to his (as yet undetermined) future wife: "This is how ya do it, ya put the ring in a snowball and throw it at her face."
I'm just posting this to warn all you nice ladies out there.

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OK well, first things first, I would like to welcome you with this picture of me (on the left), my friend Marian (on the right), and a cow (the middle. Obviously.)
I know Marian will probably kill me when she sees this, but I'd like to point out, dear, that I only promised not to put a picture on the X-Douloi site, I said nothing about my own. :)

I have my dear old (2 days) friend Meg to thank for educating me further in the art of HTML and picture-putting-upping. She's crazy groovy, and if you haven't yet seen her site, then click HERE now, you silly thing.
She's one of those people that ya meet (or, not "meet" as the case may be, but you know what I mean) and feel like you've known em forever. I spent ages talking to her yesterday...along with my mom (yay!) my friend Moe (Miss Hong Kong USA!) Brandon (you stud!) and...well I dunno they all ran together after a while. By the way, her latest blog basically talks about ME, so in case you were wondering, yes, we do in fact belong to the Mutual Admiration Society. Her site also links to other groovy sites, so have fun!

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day. It was weird because it was so NORMAL, and my life isn't usually all that normal, so that must mean trouble in paradise. It was just a very domestic sorta day. I walked to Safeway in Morningside to do some grocery shopping (baked beans...GOOD ones, for 15p! I'm in hog heaven! I'm stockin up next time I go there!), did some dishes, some laundry, cleaned and vacuumed my room. Somewhere in the middle of this I go to thinkin.....
"HOLY CRAP! I'm a grown-up! When did THAT happen?!" Of course, I didn't say this out loud. (And Ross, if you are thinking that all this thinking is because of YOU, well no, it had been on my mind before I got your email, honest!) Like I say, it had been floating around in the back of my mind, but I think all the grown-up duties I was doing yesterday (without even mom harping on me to get them done!) brought it to my attention. Its weird, because I don't feel like a "grown up". I have a flat, do my own shopping and cooking and laundry, transport, and have a real job. I can stay out as late as I want, wherever I want. I think that I just THOUGHT I'd feel more grown up by now.

I remember being in 4th grade, one morning before school, in the gym at Muncie Christian School. I remember talking with my friend and realizing that we were gonna graduate in the year 2000. "Whooooaaa!" And then I realized that I would be 18. "Whoooaa! That's SO OLD!" When you are 10, 18 is the GOAL. Its FREEDOM! Of course, in a way, it was. Three months after graduation, I left for Asia with the Doulos. But now, its almost 3 years later, and I'm even OLDER! If 18 was freedom, 21 was just ancient. Well, actually, it meant you could drink, but that doesn't mean much when you are 10. (And, since I left America when I was 18, and everywhere else the drinking age is 18....I could pretty much drink since then anyway.)

Anyway. I digress.

The point is, being 21 is nothing like I thought it was gonna be. I think its a lot better, because I actally feel a lot younger. I keep getting emails from friends saying they are engaged. That's so WEIRD because I still feel like I'm...I dunno, like 15 or something. And FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS DON'T GET MARRIED!
But then my mind wanders...and I don't feel that young anymore. Granted, I don't have a mortgage, and I don't have 3 kids and I'm not pooper scooping my immacculate suburban lawn. But I know that its not all that far away. I'm kinda looking forward to it...if God decides to bless me in that way, of course. (Seriously, some of the coolest people I've ever known are single.) But...(and here's the summary, so brace yourself!) the thing is that I'm really seriously content right now. Its been a while since I've been THIS content with how my life is. Its so great. I just feel so blessed. I'm 21, got a great job, go to a great college with a freaking amazing bunch of crazy people that really love the Lord and love working with kids as much as I do. I live in a great, totally mismatched flat in a great part of Edinburgh. And that's another thing...I live in freaking SCOTLAND! How AWESOME is that?! I look out my bay window, down the street and see Edinburgh Castle. Not many people can say they live near a CASTLE (well ok, plenty of Scottish people, but I'm American.) . I have enough cafe's around to keep my coffee addiction well in check...I can just go and veg or work or write or...well its usually one of those things. And I have friends who are so amazed that I've "followed my dreams" and really worked so hard to get here...but I don't think I really have. I just think God put me in the right places at the right times, and opened doors that needed to be opened and closed those that needed to be closed. I just took the heart that God gave me and asked Him what he wanted me to do with it, and He's been faithful to lead the way.
Moving on....

Sorry I didn't post anything about you yesterday Andy. I was too busy doing those links and such., my friend Andy is cool because he never EVER lets me take myself too seriously.

And finally.....I hope you are all enjoying my added tid bits here and there. I realize that SOME of you have been visiting and NOT posting on my GUESTMAP! How dare you!? Really, its good fun. You can be an alien. And be sure and check out some of the links to the left. And comments! Comments are fun toooooo!

OK, well as always, there is lots more to write but I DESPERATELY need to go to sleep, since i need to get up in a few hours. Thanks for reading. Tell your friends. :)

Peace, love, and butterscotch pudding,
:) Mic

"Let's stop being so aesthetic. Authentic faith is not an experience or feeling, and we can’t keep compartmentalising our ‘spiritual life’. The very term is non-sensical. Spirituality is not something that peaks and troughs. Neither is it something we engage with through the time we ‘spend with God’. It is something we live out in every moment. We don’t have a ‘spiritual life’, the spiritual IS our life." --Anna Beaumont

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Sunday, January 19, 2003

AND for your personal enjoyment, I've added GuestMap, just to the left on your screen there....see it? Its good fun, ya'll have to go mark it. :) And its taken friggin hours, so you'd BETTER enjoy it!
"Obey my dog!"
:) Michaela

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Oooh my, its way, way too late to post. I've been on the computer way too long (emailing or talking to some of you fine people though, so I'm not complaining....just my flatmates are....) and am quickly becoming a computer nerd (No offense to Andy, Booker, Al or Fiona. I love you all.) BUT, the bonus out of my nerdiness comes in the fact that I've now added the COMMENT option to my blogs. Yes, that's right, you TOO can be a part of the Wonderful World That is...Michaela's Blog. Just click on the word COMMENT at the bottom, and you are rarin' to go, my friend. Its amazing really. I feel all computer smart now, what with my additions of comments and site tracking ("I know where you all live! I've seen where you sleep, and I swear on everything that's holy that your mothers will CRY when they see what I've done to you!" Ok, not really, I can only really get timezones, otherwise, you're anonymous. Except for you Andy. All eyes are watching. )

Did I mention I'm tired? This is the time of night that you realize that even though church starts pretty late, you are probably going to sleep though it, and then you start to feel guilty because that really nice girl who works at Marigotta Grocer on the corner who goes to your church will be saying "We missed you!" Except that it won't be annoying, because she actually means it. Or, at least, thats what happens to me.
Thanks to the "Fresh Blogs" bit on the Blogger website, I ran into a really cool one today. In fact, I'm hestitant to actually tell you about it becuase her blog makes mine look like crap. (This is partially because she's got an upgrade that I can't afford.) But she's pretty darn cool I think. You guys can all enjoy her site too: Its "Altoids, they make life better". I dunno what that French stuff at the top says (remember? I flunked french.) But she's a Christian, (but a cool one...don't get scared) so it can't be that bad.

In looking forward to going home this summer, I'm beginning to actually MISS it there. It was kinda a shame that I was so bummed out last summer that I didn't really get to enjoy it all that much. Well, ok, that's not entirely true...I knew I'd miss it again when it was gone, but I soooooo knew it was time to leave again. I think I miss AMERICAN things sometimes, more than just Kansas City. Maybe. Cuz I miss KC too. DANGIT I dunno.

Things I miss about home: (Lee's Summit, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, wherever)....

Wide roads, SUVs, BIG FAT thunderstorms, the smell of buring leaves in the fall, deep snow, REAL hot dogs, roadside gas stations (they just aren't the same here) and truck stops, The New Earth Coffeehouse, downtown Lee's Summit, Heartland Community Church, my precious car (Desparado Antonio Forbes....A '79 Thunderbird...), Booker, Broadway Cafe, the smell of roasting coffee downtown near the Folgers plant, long hot sunny summer days, Julia, YouthFront, "The Independence 20", the drive-in, Westport, radio (96.5), American accents all around, Moe, 24-hour-HyVees and Wal-Marts, Borders Books in Lee's Summit, Grandma's green bean casserole, Ottos Diner, lots of other friends that I could spend all day naming, the smell of fresh cut grass, 18th and Vine jazz clubs, concerts at Sandstone, Denny's Diner (especially with my mom at 4am with our smokes and hash browns: smothered, covered and doubled!), Union Station, the art district, The Plaza.....

I could probably go on forever... I'm definitely looking forward to going home this summer.

And yes, similar lists on Edinburgh/Glasgow and The Doulos should be made....but not tonite. :)

Book of the Day: "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland
Album of the Day: (Acutally, its an EP from the upcoming...) "She Must and Shall Go Free by Derek Webb
Quote of the Day: "Much may be known about a man's character by his laughter" -Unknown (but props to my friend Thomas, who sent it to me)

Today's post was brought to you by the letters: S-L-E-E-P


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Saturday, January 18, 2003

OH yeah and I nearly forgot the bit where I tell why Andy is cool.
Andy is a stud because he got me an incredibly amazing Lepracaun in a Can for my birthday....straight from Dublin airport....

:) Mic

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C'mon people. I go to all that trouble and change my template for you and NO ONE has even visited my site today. I'm very disappointed in you all. I try so hard.....


I don't know if you guys have ever seen any other blogs, but sometimes its fun to just pick random newly-updated ones from the website. (I figure this is the only explaination for me getting hits from Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and believe it or not, the Faroe Islands.) Its AMAZING the lengths and depths people go to to convince people they have deep and meaningful thoughts. But, of course, you can't be TOO personal on these things, ya never know who reads em, so people just put random deep thoughts. Not that I won't ever do that, but PEOPLE enough of the Daily Sylvia Plath stuff!
Oooh, I got to talk to my friends Judi and Stuart today, not that any of you care, but it was GREAT!

The one annoying thing about this is, as previously stated, I can't really put EVERYTHING I'd like to on here, because ya never know who will read it. So there's all this stuff rattling around my head that I can't tell you fine folk! But....ah well. Just venting.

What else? Well not much, since today was a slacker day. I think I'm gonna head off....get a cup of tea and cozy up to my fireplace, do some writing in the journal (I can put WHATEVER I WANT in there, praise Jesus!) and read a good book....

My life can be so dull sometimes.....but its GREAT!

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Friday, January 17, 2003

Obviously, I changed the template. That other one was kinda getting on my nerves. This one is easier to read. And I changed the time to my actual time (GMT) because no, I sure as heck ain' posting at 7am unless I was up all night.

Michaela @9:11 PM :: Comment

By the way, yes, I know...I'm a little slow.

Michaela @3:33 PM :: Comment

OK, I've since realized that that is 30 SECONDS and not a half hour. Which makes sense. Unless some of you have been spending 7 hours. But for some reason my thingy hasn't actually been recording times, so that's not quite right either.
So, you've been spending somewhere between 30 seconds and a half hour on my site, which is fine by me.

Michaela @3:33 PM :: Comment

WOW!!! Props to me peeps, because, according to my counter, I've had 27 visits, with an average visit of about 30 mins. HALF HOUR! Flamin heck, you guys are spending a whole half hour on ME? I'm flattered, actually. There are lots more things you could do with that half hour though. Wash your car. (Unless you are here in Scotland, where it gets washed daily.) Write a postcard. (Preferably to me.) TaiBo. Oragami. SO, thank you, thank you very much for your...looks? Hits? Hm, neither sound right.
Well, since you are all so deeply addicted to my online ramblings now, you'll be happy to know that I FINALLY got my computer back from the fixer-people, and will be able to spend some more time here, without paying 4p a minute at the cafe up the road. That also means that, for those of you I owe emails to, you might just get some replies now. No promises though.

I didn't get to tell you all about the Crows concert the other night. FREAKIN AMAAAAZING. I remember why they are my favorite band, ever. I left the drama workshop I do (thru the youth project.....its really cool by the way, its going well!) a bit early to get to Glasgow to go with my friends Holly and Chris and Chris' girlfriend Allison. On the train, the girls ahead of me were struggling to find something to open the Bacardi Breezer one of them had. I offered an opener (a keychain that I got out of a Christmas cracker at Marians, NOT because I'm a drunk!), and they go all giddy.....and go on to open like, 30 bottles of it. AND DIDN'T EVEN OFFER ME ONE! That ain't right. Not that I'm bitter. Anyway. So I get to Glasga and meet up with everyone and we ride to SECC in Chris' sweet ride (dude is EXTREMELY well-paid for a youth worker. Not that I'm bitter about that either....).On my way, I was walking by these shops and restaraunts and I kept wanting to go in and say: "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?! COUNTING CROWS IS PLAYING TONIGHT AND YOU ARE MISSING IT! WHAT, ARE YOU INSANE?!" But, lucky for them, I didn't.
We had standing tickets, the first for me for a CC show...both other times, at Memorial Hall and Sandstone, I had a seat. So we were pretty darn close...probably....10-20 yards? I dunno, I'm bad at distances. You couldn't see Adam's nose hair or anything, but could make out cartoon caracter shapes from the sweat marks on his shirt. :) They sang (if I can remember em...) Miami, Time and Time Again, Long December, Round Here, Catapult (a surprise), Richard Manuel Is Dead, Long December, Mr Jones, Hard Candy, Big Yellow Taxi, Rain King, Hanginaround, Have You Seen Me Lately, Goodnight Elizabeth, Holiday In Spain, and I'm sure a few others I've forgotten. I did miss Anna Begins, Colorblind, Angels of the Silences and High Life....but you can't have everything I guess. Goodnight Elizabeth was simply amazing, I was so psyched they played it. Oh yeah, and Gemma Hayes opened for them...I think I was the only one that was excited about that though, I love her. If you haven't heard her, you should.

Afterwards, me and Holly went to an all night (well, til 4am) Kabab joint behind Queen Street Station, got kebabs and a big thing of IrnBru....which kept us WIDE awake. We had a good time, talked girly talk and just had a laugh. Then, back at the college (she lives there), we watched 10 Things I Hate About you, and talked til almost 4am. Good times...except I was DEAD yesterday. It wasn't helped by how incredibly mind-numbingly boring Day O Prayer was. I know that sounds bad, and I'm sure some people really enjoyed it....but I was not one of those people. I was so tired, I couldn't even close my eyes for risk of falling asleep. Therefore, in forced attempt to look spiritual, in this situation, you have to bow your head, and count the times your shoelaces cross, or read the quotes on your Bible, or marvel at your keychain collection. Not that I did any of these things. ;) So, I ended up going home at lunch, and worshipping God in my sweet, sweet dreams.

And what else?

I got a Christmas package from my Dad today (which you might think is late...but my mom hasn't sent mine yet, and I still have a stash of gifts for some people that I haven't sent because I haven't really had the money. But I will! Maybe they will be Valentines Day gifts). One of the things was this little figurine sculpture called "Angel of Wonder". Its got this angel (clay, with wire wings) gazing at a Christmas bauble (that's an ornament, to you Americans) . Its really pretty cool. My discription of it doesn't give it you'll have to all just come to my flat to see it.

OK, this is the bit of the day where I tell how great Andy is. Andy is great because there was this one time, on my birthday, on the ship, that I was waiting for a phone call from home and had been all day. They announced a "dial 9" (outside line call) for someone else, (Christine Han...but don't tell her!) and Andy says: "Lets go beat her up and take her Dial 9." And I always thought that was pretty funny. And he still holds the record for most gifts given to me on my birthday on the ship: a Coke, lap-lap, and cigar.

Album of the Day: You might all think I was gonna put a Crows album on here, but NO. Just to throw you all off, I'm recommending Bebo Norman, "Myself When I Am Real". I know, the title sounds a bit deep and dull, but its a GREAT album. I'm a sucker for good lyrics, and he's got em. He's pretty hot too...I was lucky enough to score a free poster of him from the guy at WesleyOwen. Not that I put it up or anything. ;) Best tracks 2 (Beautiful You), 3 (Falling Down), 6 (Everything) 10 (So Afraid) and 11 (My Love). I know that makes it sound like a soppy love album, and maybe it is, but its still amazing.

Quote of the Day: ( lyric today...): "Waiting here for you/Wanting to tell you/How I get my ends and my beginnings mixed up too/just the way you do/I thought if I told you/you might want to stay for just another day/or two" And if you know what song that is get a hug from me. :)

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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Once again, extremely tired, but this time for legit reason.....Last night was the Counting Crows concert. It was freakin amazing. Just....that. But I stayed out til 1 and then did a very stupid thing and watched a movie with a friend, so was up, 4? And today is Day of Prayer at college. Like Prayer Night except all day. Obviously. Um....I'm way too tired, and think I'm needing to go HOME.
I have more to say, but trust me, you guys don't want to here it with my brain in this sort of order. I'm runnin on coffee fumes.
Oh, and, um, my friend Andy is cool because....actually, I'm not sure why he's cool, because he's pretty bad at keeping in contact which kinda sucks....but he's cool because...he's Andy. And cuz....cuz when things are crap, he makes em better: "Well Forbes, could always be worse....." And because there was this one time I told him really bad news (about me) and he laughed....which actually seemed to make things better.
Ya happy now, Andy?

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Monday, January 13, 2003

Dude. I'm so tired....I think I'm just Death warmed over. I really really really don't want to go to tea at this lady's house that I said I would to tonite, nor do I want to go to the prayer supporters meeting for the youth project. Is that bad? Grrr.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

So today I drag myself out of bed to go to church. I really, honestly, didn't want to. But I did, and this guy was there, singing a few songs, called Steve Fortunado. (And yes, for you OMers who know Frank, its his nephew.) The dude is amazing, his worship songs were incredible. But in the middle of one, he just stops, and starts praying. One of the things he said was...."God, thank you for being unafraid of my apathy." It was in a long string of thank yous, but it really stood out to me. It was so powerful, its the closest I've come in a long time to actually crying in church. God is just so madly and passionately in love with us...And I so often am so apathetic to Him, to the reality of my salvation and His grace and compassion. And yet He's totally unafraid of that, willing to see beyond that, to see a child that He loves so deeply and has created in His image.

Its good to know He's working on my heart.

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Right. So I figure, if I sent that email out to you all, you'll probably come look at this and it better have something to say, besides that boring intro that you all knew anyway from the email.
Its 2:30am and I'm taking advantage of the fact that my flatmate is still outta town, therefore I'm basically attached to her computer, trying to get emails up to date and failing miserably. So, sorry. But I should get my dern computer back on Monday. Hopefully.

This is me, these days:

Recent Readin:
Trying to finally finish "A Severe Mercy" by Sheldon VanAuken. Yes, Kirsty, I still have your copy of it. Its a great story, the guy is just majorly long-winded. Its a guy's autobio...his wife and him had this amazing love...then became Christians (largely due to C.S. Lewis, while they were at Oxford)...but they still love each other like she prays that, if he still loves her more than God, to take her out of the picture...and sure enough, she dies. Its really an amazing look at love....the fact that she loved him enough to make sure he loved God first. My dad once told me: "Never marry a man who doesn't love God more than he loves you." And I think he was right on the money.
Also engrossed in: "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis" by Dave Eggers. The book is huge, so I thought it would take me much longer to read it...but its freaking amazing. I can't explain it, just go read it. Its quirky, yet still very real. My kinda writing, the "journal" kind. Same reason I love "Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintanance" by Donald Miller.
And just finished "Wild At Heart" by John Eldredge, for the second time. Its incredible, if you haven't read it, GO READ IT NOW! Its a book for men, but men, women, babies, small mammals, everyone needs to read this book.

I read a lot.

Today. Today was my day off, so I didn't do much. Slept til...well, an embarrassing time, really....dreamt one of those generic, non-interesting dreams where you feel like you haven't really gone to sleep, its just your life continued. Went to the gym for a bit, came back, did some uninteresting stuff that isn't worth reading about, cooked dinner, more boring stuff, then writing more of a letter to my friend Moe by the fire, then wrote a horrifically long email to my friend Faly while half watching "So I Married An Axe Murderer" on Channel of the best movies ever. Should've been finishing that danged paper due next week, but....c'mon now, this is Michaela. Have I EVER studied on a Saturday? Not on your life.

So, that's me.

Word of the Day: smouldering

Quote of the Day:"Learning to laugh at oneself can lead to a lifetime of comedy." -Unknown

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. I figure this is a great way for all you guys to keep up-to-date on what's going on here in Scotland...if you're at all interested. Sometimes I'll update ya on happenings, sometimes just write whatever is on my mind. I think its a pretty groovy deal, seeing as I have so many friends and family all over. Flip, what did we ever do before the Internet? Don't feel obligated though....And I'll still keep emailing you all. :) Cheers! Mic

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"In the city you will find that the poor and the broken are often much, much more open to the idea of Gospel grace and much more dedicated to its practical outworkings than you are." (Tim Keller)

"Always On Your Side" by Sheryl Crow